Our leather retrims are carried out in house by our upholsterer Nick. Like everything else we do, these are carried out to the highest standards. We are quite happy to retrim a set of seats for a kombi or a camper as a stand alone job, or as part of a complete conversion.

We offer a few slots in our schedule for other conversion companies who may not have capacity to run their own trim shop.

With the range of leather available and the different levels of complexity in stitch patterns its very difficult to give a price structure. But the following would be examples of typical costs.

  • 2 captains seats and triple Kombi rear seat. average pattern complexity. Approx £1800
  • 2+1 front seats with 3/4 RIB seat, scatter cushions  Approx £1800- £2000
  • 2 captains seats plus california seat £1700 
  • 2 captains seats plus full width RIB seat £1950

These prices are inclusive of VAT and based on using good quality hide from the UK hide Autocalf range. Cheaper or more expensive leather can be an option. 
We currently have a special offer on Black Nappa which we can usually supply at no additional charge to standard leather.